Anne-Maree, Blackmans Bay TAS

“I love my qubies! I was originally given one as a gift and thought it was great so ordered some more from you for both myself and for a friend. ”

Anne-Maree, Blackmans Bay TAS


Kate, Turramurra NSW

“I think Qubies is a wonderful invention and I am very happy with mine! ”

Kate, Turramurra NSW


Sue, Mt Barker SA

“I love my Qubies and use them all the time. They are just so handy and I mean I can cook up vegies and freeze them in a flash. We have done a fair bit of travel to China, Sydney and tomorrow we are off to Perth and we take the Qubies with us and freeze up a fresh batch when we arrive at our destination and it makes life on the road a lot less stressful. It also makes it so easy for freezing different sorts of vegies and combining all different cubes for interesting meals. I was really impressed by your service too. I was amazed how quickly the Qubies came and your online website ordering service was really easy to use. ”

Sue, Mt Barker SA


Anastasia, NSW

“Everyone here has said what a superior and practical design Qubies are. They are effective, save product, save time, are easy clean, save spills, and save food from freezer burn. I show my superior Qubies ice cube tray to every new mum who joins our Dardanup Playgroup. Congratulations on an excellent product! I only wish I went into business with you. An additional advantage no one seems to have mentioned yet; Often it proves hard to find a perfectly flat surface in my freezer. With the Qubies, it does’t matter if the tray isn’t placed flat. With the superior silicon lid, there are simply; no spills, no leaks. Perfect! ”

Anastasia,  NSW

Rachquel, Winmalee NSW

“Just wanted to mention that the solution of using Qubies was perfect. The use of the ice cubes works out very well with the feeding It ends up that we save so much time – So thank you very much! Will recommend this product to other Mums once there is that opportunity. ”

Rachquel, Winmalee NSW

Lima, Centennial Park NSW

“I’m not actually a parent myself but I’ve been using the Qubies to freeze fruit purees, pesto and stock – they’re the perfect size since normal ice cube trays are too small. Also much easier to just pour in the puree and snap the lid on rather than trying to spoon it into the teeny tiny ice cube trays. ”

Lima, Centennial Park NSW


Hafsa, Keilor VIC

“I love them! I have 2 and find their really great to freeze prepared food for my son then I transfer the frozen blocks to another container and start all over again and that way I can offer variety to my son without having to cook something different everyday at every meal. The soft flexible lids are really great too and very easy to clean. Ice cube trays and the other things available on the market for freezing portions I find are harder to clean because of the individual compartments especially when the food may be a little greasy and you don’t want to wait for the diswasher load ”

Hafsa, Keilor VIC

Cathy, Petersham NSW

“The Qubies are great. Use them all the time. My husband even commented last night how good they were. Just waiting for all my friends to start having babies so I can recommend them or even purchase them as gifts. Delivery was fantastic and very quick. ”

Cathy, Petersham NSW

Bec, North Fitzroy VIC

“I love Qubies. It’s made the whole transition to solids so easy. First Qubies were great for steamed fruit and veg, frozen in batches and then moved into bags so I could freeze more food. Now it’s great for freezing extra mashed portions of whatever we are eating so I have meals, lots of meals for archie. We have even found other uses. I use the Qubies for freezing lemon juice and orange juice when the fruit would normally just get chucked. Now I have fresh lemon and orange juice on hand for cooking whenever I need it. My husband also uses the Qubies to freeze individual portions of home made pesto. Its the perfect size for one, if more than one person is eating just thrown in a Qubie for each person, makes last minute dinners a breeze. Thanks a bunch and good luck with the business, I tell as many mums as I can. ”

Bec, North Fitzroy VIC

Katie, Singapore NA

“I used my Qubies trays for the first time this week and they are brilliant – trust another mum to think of something so sensible. I spent hours teaspooning tiny portions of food into icecube trays with my first baby, and now I can do the same thing in seconds with Qubies. I hope your business goes really well, as you have an excellent product. ”

Katie, Singapore NA