Amanda, Orbost VIC

“Hi just letting you know have found the qubies fantastic…. keep up the good work! ”

Amanda, Orbost VIC

Katie, Moss Vale NSW

“Fantastic product!!!! I have sent a link to your website to all the ladies in my mothers group. I Love it. Makes dinner time so easy! ”

Katie, Moss Vale NSW


Kate, Blacktown NSW

“I have had a wonderful experience using my Qubies. They have been extremely easy to use and clean and I wouldn’t be without them. I will certainly be recomending them to other new mums. They were also delivered very quickly and right to my door. Thank you for making such a useful product! ”

Kate, Blacktown NSW


Amy, Sydney NSW

“The design of Qubies has been fantastic. They are easy to fit into the freezer as you can stack them on top of each other. It’s so much easier to get the frozen Qubies out than the regular ice cube trays. I really love that they are in 30ml qubes. It was very useful when my little one was just starting solids, so I could guage how much he was eating. My boy is now 9 months old and I use the qubies all the time for his meals. I’m so glad I came across these and I highly recommend them. ”

Amy, Sydney NSW


Kylie, Warragul VIC

“I love your product and you are onto a good thing here. I knew I was going to buy your product when I saw it advertised somewhere while I was pregnant. As I did quite a bit of home pureeing for my first child I knew that I needed a product like this for my bulk stuff like apples, carrots, sweet potatoes etc. The one thing I got wrong was I didn’t notice the maximum fill line and learnt the hard way not to overfill, but that was easily rectified. I would definitely recommend Qubies to anyone and keep plugging your product anyway and anywhere you can, you have an original idea here that is really practical and works!! ”

Kylie, Warragul VIC

Michelle, Condon QLD

“I loved your Qubies!! Think they are fantastic! I have been trying to think of something constructive to say to help you BUT the product, pre-sales information, delivery, recipes, and follow-up are all second-to-none. Congratulations. ”

Michelle, Condon QLD

Emma, Frenchs Forest NSW

“I love them! they are great-as they are the right size for getting the servings right! And they came so fast…amazing. I did look at the recipe page and found it very helpful! ”

Emma, Frenchs Forest NSW

Lisa, Kingscliff NSW

“I absolutely love them, I bought one and then ordered three more because their so great and easy to use. Qubies are much better than a normal cube tray and also than the other brands of individual cubes with lids that take forever to fill. Thanks for the great invention, i’ve told all my mother’s group about them too. ”

Lisa, Kingscliff NSW


Alana (New Gran!), Ocean Reef WA

“I bought one of your Qubies for my daughter while she was still expecting but now that my granddaughter is one, my daughter has found her Qubies invaluable, hence my purchase of four more, three for her and one for me. The Qubies is great to use! It’s so clever how the flexible lid can easily divide the tray into appropriate sized portions. We love your product and wish you all the best with your business venture. We certainly pass on the ‘word’ where we can. ”

Alana (New Gran!), Ocean Reef WA