How Qubies Work

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Newborn – 6 months

Welcome your gorgeous new baby – and your new Qubies!

Let’s start with breast milk.

Did you know, that if it’s necessary and depending on your circumstances, you can express and freeze breast milk? Simply pour the milk into the Qubies. Give it a good stir before you pop on the lid, as the fats may have separated from the milk, then place in the freezer. Once frozen, the cubes can be transferred to a zip-lock bag marked with the date and time the milk was expressed. When you baby is due his next feed, place one or two cubes (depending on your baby’s needs) in a wide-neck bottle, and add to a cup or bowl of hot water to defrost. Simple! The best part is not a drop of precious breast milk is wasted, as you only use what you need.

Note: For more information on expressing and storing breast milk, visit the Australian Breastfeeding Association website.

6 – 9 Months

When your baby is four to six months of age, your Qubies are really going to get a great workout as it’s time to introduce solids! It’s generally recommended in Western countries that solids not be introduced before four months and offered no later than six months. You know your baby best, and you’ll be able to decide the point during this time frame when your baby is starting to show an interest in food. Questions to ask yourself include, is she watching you eat? Can she sit up unassisted? Has she lost the tongue-thrust reflex?

To save you time, money and stress, you can make a variety of purees in advance. For example, fill one Qubies tray with broccoli puree, and another Qubies tray with pear. Then at meal times, it’s an easy task to defrost just one or two cubes – and dinner is served! You’ll never need to buy processed food, and you’ll always know your baby is eating only the freshest, healthiest meals with no preservatives or additives.


Babies can start teething from a young age, and this is when your Qubies will really come in handy.

Try making watermelon cubes; if your baby shows signs of sore gums, then it’s time to grab a watermelon cube! They’ll happily much away – and make a wonderful mess! – but at least you know the cold will numb the gums and give bub something yummy and healthy to eat.

9 – 12 months

Time is flying and your baby is growing – and so is his appetite!
By this stage, you’ll be an expert at making baby purees, and things can get more interesting because you know what you’re doing. Don’t let meal times become boring! Now is the time to start mixing, matching and adding to make your child’s meals fun and full of flavour. Start with a couple of vegetable cubes and add a cube of casserole (part of the dinner you made last week for the family, of course!). To add texture, consider stirring through a little risoni (rice-shaped pasta), couscous or even cooked rice.

12 Months +

By now, your gorgeous baby is in her high chair and happily enjoying dinner with the family. Don’t put your Qubies at the back of the cupboard – it’s your turn to use them.

Here are some great ideas.

  • Toddler desserts. Fill half of the Qubies tray with fruit puree, then top with fresh yoghurt for an after-dinner treat.
  • Pestos/herbs. Too much basil or coriander in the garden? Finely chop the herbs, then spoon into a Qubies tray. Top to the fill line with water, and freeze to use later.
  • Stocks. How often do you open a packet of stock, and only use a little? Pour the rest into a Qubie for another day.
  • Smoothies. Use Qubies to make fruit cube, so that when you’re on the go and looking for a quick treat for the kids and adults alike, you can add a few fruit cubes, yoghurt and milk to a blender and blitz. Voila! Instant healthy smoothies.
  • Lemon and lime juice. If you’re lucky enough to have a big citrus tree, don’t let all the fruit go to waste. Freeze the juice in your Qubie. This way, you’ll have citrus cubes on hand for cooking (or that wonderful summer cocktail or G&T !).
  • Iced coffee. It’s summer, and it’s hot. Take a few espresso cubes out of your Qubie, pop them into a tall glass and cascade milk over the top. So refreshing!

Your Qubies are made to last, so when you buy a Qubie, it’s not just for your baby – Qubies are unique, innovative, versatile, great quality kitchenware you’ll use for many years to come.

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