Susan, North Sydney NSW

“We use our qubies a lot for preparing our baby food, and have found them great. In fact we had originally bought one at the Baby Expo and then realised how good they were, so ordered more online. The best features I find are: * Twistable to make it easy to get the ice cubes out * Very easy to wash * Minimal parts so easy to store (as opposed to individual containers per serving as other products have) ”

Susan, North Sydney NSW

Lisa, Turramurra NSW

“I have to admit that when I first saw your product I was like ‘why not just use standard ice-cube trays’ however since purchasing 2 qubies I have changed my view. I use them all the time for meals for my 7 month old and find the block sizes far better (bigger) for meal sizes. I really dont have any negative feedback – its a great product. Well done. ”

Lisa, Turramurra NSW

Stephanie, Perth WA

“I absolutely adore your Qubies and have told everyone who is remotely associated with babies about how wonderful they are. I think they are possibly the best thing I have bought for my Nadia and I am constantly using them. I have decided to start giving them to people as gifts when they have babies, so expect a number of orders from this address. Thanks so much for developing this product and congratulations on its success. ”

Stephanie, Perth WA

Caroline, Gosnells WA

“I’ve started using Qubies and I’m loving them. I’ve recently logged onto your recipes page as we are about to move on to the next stage of solids and can’t wait to try them out. Qubies is a great product! Thank you. ”

Caroline, Gosnells WA

Tamara, Main Beach Qld

“I used sweet potato and I thought Qubies were extremely easy to use and no mess! They are small, slimlined and I am very happy with them! ”

Tamara, Main Beach Qld

Belinda, Freshwater NSW

“I am very happy with my qubies and have told friends about them. I just realized you have recipes so will try them out also. I saw your add in the paper and ordered straight away – great idea. My first 2 children had frozen food in normal ice cubes – pain in the butt! ”

Belinda, Freshwater NSW

Cath, Mittagong NSW

“I was given two qubies for a baby shower gift and was so impressed with them I want to give one to my brother and sister in law. They are so easy to use and are just the right size. Great product. Thanks. ”

Cath, Mittagong NSW

Sue, Quairading WA

“I’m not a young Mum (I’m hoping to be a Granny in the next few years!). I love my Qubies for squeezed lemon juice. I have a lemon drink every morning so just get one block out each day. I have given them to my daughters (who are not Mums at this stage) and I have given a couple to young Mums (as a baby arrival present – I’m a very practical person). ”

Sue, Quairading WA

Louise, Duns Creek NSW

“First of all congratulations for starting a business as a mum with a great idea. Secondly I find the Qubies great and easy to use and a good way to portion my babies feed. It also helps me see how he is progressing when starting a new food e.g. from one cube to two to three, without having to think about it. ”

Louise, Duns Creek NSW