Leah, Londonderry NSW

“I’ve found the Qubies to be just sensational. I had tried several times to use “”normal”” ice cube trays when freezing my homemade baby purees but really struggled getting the cubes out of the trays. Right from the first batch of apple puree, the Qubies just worked wonderfully. I’m now cooking up a storm and have even done some lemon juice which is great to add to a late afternoon Gin and Tonic (why should the babies have all the fun??). Thanks so much for the quick delivery and excellent service. Well done on a great idea that certainly makes a new mums life easier. ”

Leah, Londonderry NSW

Sonya, Emerald QLD

“I love my Qubies. Ever since I received them they have been in use. Nothing from my experience needs to be improved. Quick postage and great personal customer contact. Thanks for your great product! ”

Sonya, Emerald QLD

Melanie, Pannawonica WA

“I love Qubies! The time spent spooning food into a traditional ice cube tray drove me fair up the wall, and now that I have two young bubs (21 months and 7 months) there aren’t enough hours in the day to spoon food into individual cubes, then clean up the mess that goes with it. They really are very easy and quick to use and I think you have done a fantastic job designing them. I have no hesitations in recommending them to my friends with young bubs. Thanks for a great product, ”

Melanie, Pannawonica WA


Michelle, Barragup WA

“The Qubies are a fantastic design and I am very happy with it. Our local baby shop do sell them I found out later, so I purchased another from them as well. ”

Michelle, Barragup WA

Alison, Woodroffe NT

“I have been very happy with the Qubies since receiving them. Have a 10 month old and the portion sizes are perfect for her. They are constantly in the freezer full, better than the old individual portion freezer trays I had been using. ”

Alison, Woodroffe NT


Maranda, Pacific Pines QLD

“Qubies have been my lifesaver they are so easy to use, I was having trouble with the everyday ice trays but qubies have fixed that problem. Thanks again for making such a wonderful product. Once again Qubies are my lifesaver. ”

Maranda, Pacific Pines QLD


Natalie, Edgecliff NSW

“I have been using the Qubies all the time and it’s so much better to the others, it’s baby time with all my friends and everyone is either pregnant or have a newborn and i have been telling them all how good it is and i am sure they will all be buying it!. ”

Natalie, Edgecliff NSW

Jodie, Beaconsfield VIC

“I bought 4 of these and gave one each to my sister and mum. Needless to say – more will be purchased soon!!! We love them!!! ”

Jodie, Beaconsfield VIC


Jo R, Newtown NSW

“I’ve found Qubies excellent, they work well and are easy to use to keep track of how much food my little one is using. Delivery was super fast – I’m impressed all around! ”

Jo R, Newtown NSW

Anna T, Mowbray TAS

“I just wanted to tell you how much I love Qubies! My sister has recently had a baby and raved about these Qubie things… I myself do not have children but saw how much use I could get out of qubies so I purchased one. It’s just great! I even use if for making garlic and herb butter to put on steaks when entertaining. It makes great snacks and I especially love the smoothie cubes. Good luck and thank you for such a great product! ”

Anna T, Mowbray TAS