Kris, Save our Sleep Forum NA

“I have purchased 4 Qubies, I absolutely love them, I am a Baby food Goddess! LOL. They are easy to use and store in the freezer. Removing the cubes is simple and painless, they just slide out and into a bag for freezing. They have made preparing home-made baby food quick easy and enjoyable. ”

Kris, Save our Sleep Forum NA


Megan B, Castlecrag NSW

“I love the qubies. They are so easy to use and i think the most stylish ice cubes i’ve ever seen. Wish there were more baby items available just like them. They make life so easy. They are awesome. ”

Megan B, Castlecrag NSW

Sharyn K, Murarrie QLD

“As a second time mum with only 16mths between them the qubies are saving me heaps of time. I used another cube type product with my first and they were very time consuming, spooning just the right amount into each cube, placing the lid on them and then sitting them in the tray…only to find they fell over in the freezer…then I had to remove them from their individual cubes…another chore…the cubies are quick to fill and quick to release…great job… ”

Sharyn K, Murarrie QLD

Amy L, Crafers SA

“I use mine weekly, and find them much more convenient than ice cube trays. I love them and wish they had been around when I had my first child!! “

Amy L, Crafers SA

Wendy L, Ashgrove QLD

“Qubies have been fantastic …I love the silicon dividers…no more bashing the ice-cube tray in vain against the sink to get the cubes out… hoorah!!! Portion wise they have also been great – I normally go through 2 or 3 in one sitting for my 12 month old boy (who loves his food) so it allows me to mix and match flavours and gives him variation at meal times. Congratulations on a fab invention for all of us mums. ”

Wendy L, Ashgrove QLD

Michelle W, Alexander Heights WA

“I really like my Qubies, they are great with no more fuss in getting food out of the tray. I recommend them to all of my friends with babies. ”

Michelle W, Alexander Heights WA

Tara F, Eatons Hill QLD

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!! I used to use ice cube trays – but not any more!! I’ve done pesto, left over coconut milk, pastes, left over diced tomatoes, seriously thinking of ordering some more! My kids are now 4 but oh how I would have loved them when they starting solids, so much easier than the old ice cube trays. ”

Tara F, Eatons Hill QLD

Caroline G, Hastings VIC

“Love them!!! They are very handy. We have used them for sweet potato and broccoli mix and are about to try them for stewed apple. Thanks for the great idea you had. ”

Caroline G, Hastings VIC

Kylie J, Newstead TAS

“I love Qubies. I only wish I had found them when I had my first daughter. They are fantastic. Even the speed of which I received them. ”

Kylie J, Newstead TAS