Sara M, North Fremantle WA

“We love the qubies and have recommended to many others. Much easier than spooning food into small trays. The purchase through to delivery process was very smooth. ”

Sara M, North Fremantle WA


Susan B, St Leonards NSW

“I LOVE the Qubies. One of the mothers at my mothers group recommended them to me after I was complaining about how hard it was to get the food out of normal ice trays. It is a joy to know that it is so easy and one less obstacle to encounter after cooking up a storm for my little one. Highly recommend them to everyone I speak with. Congratulations on a wonderful invention. ”

Susan B, St Leonards NSW

Sarah H, Valley Heights NSW

“I am finding the Qubies fantastic. They are easy to use and I find the portions a good size. ”

Sarah H, Valley Heights NSW


Elizabeth G, Penshurst NSW

“Well, I really love my Qubies. They are just so handy and easy to use. I love just being able to fill one ‘section’. A lot of other parents seem to have separate little squares for solid food, and they must be so fiddly to fill each one, without getting food everywhere. You have developed a really easy-to-use product, and I’m looking forward to getting more use out of them in the coming months. I hope your business is successful, thanks for a great product. ”

Elizabeth G, Penshurst NSW

Lea G, Sunbury VIC

“I think the qubies are fantastic…easy to use and I have recommended them to other mums. ”

Lea G, Sunbury VIC


Aryley M, Coogee NSW

“I just wanted you to know that I can’t find fault with the product, they are really fantastic. Great idea, I use them all the time. ”

Aryley M, Coogee NSW


Kimberley B, United Kingdom NA

“I have been extremely happy with the Qubies. They are the only product I have used for storing my bubs food so I can’t compare, but I feel that your product is far superior in terms of practicality – not having to spoon into individual cubes!! So easy to just pour in and then pop the lid on. Was easy to get them out and break up too. Also a good size for us to squeeze into the freezer as we do not have much room. The size you have is good for mixing different foods together to make up a meal. ”

Kimberley B, United Kingdom NA

Victoria W, Kilmore VIC

“My kids are teenagers now so I brought two of your products for other reasons. One for me and one for mum, for stock, tomato paste, gravy etc. The trouble with ice cubes trays is there is no lid so the food gets sort of freezer burn and the portions are too small. If I had to give you some feedback, I would say the product is great but why limit your market to little babies? My mum loves hers especially the flexible lid. ”

Victoria W, Kilmore VIC

Rachael F, Mowbray TAS

“I have found the Qubies to be fantastic! They are so much easier to use than normal ice cube trays! If only I had known about them while I was still breastfeeding, they would have made things so much easier! ”

Rachael F, Mowbray TAS