Vicki M, Bexley NSW

“I absolutely love your Qubies! I use them constantly for fruit and different dishes. My son is a very fussy eater and I have to cook all his meals as he won’t eat the prepared stuff. The Qubies have been fantastic because I can cook something, freeze it and then transfer it to a clip lock bag where I can take the right quantity out each time I need it. This then frees up the Qubies for the next thing and my freezer is not filled with glass jars etc (which before Qubies my husband had a habit of dropping out of the freezer!). I think they are a great invention have recommended them to a number of people! Congratulations on your success! ”

Vicki M, Bexley NSW

Natasha S, Joondana WA

“I love my qubies. They are great! Have been recommending them to the mums at mothers group and I know a few other people also use them. I have just ordered another 4, 2 more for me and 2 more for my mum and dad who are going to use them to freeze leftover wine, etc. Very handy! Well done on a great product. Good luck with the business, I hope it thrives, as I think they are a great product and really make storing solids for my 6 month old so much easier! ”

Natasha S, Joondana WA

Danita S, Cooktown QLD

“I love my qubies. I bought two and every four or so days, steam my vegetables and puree them for the qubies. I’m sure it’s cheaper than the store bought food, but more than that, I know what’s going into them (and that is pure 100% vegetable). After they’ve frozen, I tip them all into a sealed container that I keep in the fridge. Then I use a mixture of veg at each feed, just by putting in two different kinds of cubes into the bowl to keep the variation going. I am really happy about this purchase and I would recommend them to anyone. Incidentally, I have two older kids and never made all of their food up. I feel guilty now, knowing how easy it is! ”

Danita S, Cooktown QLD


Sue A, Quairading WA

“I’m using one Qubie for lemon juice and love it. I use one cube every morning in a lemon drink. I plan to give some other Qubies away as presents. I’m 55, but can see them being great for young Mums. Congrats on a great invention. ”

Sue A, Quairading WA

Naomi W, Waratah NSW

“I am in love with the Qubies. They are super easy to use and make it easy to provide home made baby food. I am saving lots of money when compared to buying pre-packaged baby food and I feel satisfied I am giving my baby food that I have prepared myself. ”

Naomi W, Waratah NSW

Carolyn H, Perth WA

“I am very pleased with your product. I quite like the material that It’s made from, it washes easy and freezes quickly. Even after my baby grows I will certainly use them for other things like lemon juice etc You despatched the items out very quickly which was much appreciated. Bela Pratis Qubies as they are the best design!! ”

Carolyn H, Perth WA

Melissa W, Cherrybrook NSW

“I think they are great. The best thing about them is how easily the food pops out once it’s frozen. I can spend hours trying to get cubes out of other trays and sometimes I have to get my husband to do it which makes me feel like a weakling! It’s a great product, well done for thinking of it! ”

Melissa W, Cherrybrook NSW

Kellie M, Mt Hawthorn WA

“I am absolutely wrapped with your Qubies. Only wish I had 10 of them for my bulk cook day. You have a great product and I admire you for actually turning your idea into a reality and still bring up babies. How do you do it? Well Done!!!!! ”

Kellie M, Mt Hawthorn WA

Vanessa B, Sandringham VIC

“In my quest to give Olivia the best possible start in her eating habits I have been determined to make all of her food. To achieve this I have been cooking large batches of food and I have to admit that I have purchased other products as well to freeze her food in. I am now convinced yours is by far the best product. I have just spent 45 minutes struggling to get out a batch of food that I had frozen in another product. Arrrgh!! Like I have time for that. Qubies make it so simple to get the food in and out. Great product!!!! ”

Vanessa B, Sandringham VIC

Leanne, Save our Sleep Forum NA

“I love my qubies, they make freezing food very easy as you can tip the food into one tray without trying to get the food into individual cubes in an ice tray. What a clever mum who thought of them!! ”

Leanne, Save our Sleep Forum NA