Bec, North Fitzroy VIC

“I love Qubies. It’s made the whole transition to solids so easy. First Qubies were great for steamed fruit and veg, frozen in batches and then moved into bags so I could freeze more food. Now it’s great for freezing extra mashed portions of whatever we are eating so I have meals, lots of meals for archie. We have even found other uses. I use the Qubies for freezing lemon juice and orange juice when the fruit would normally just get chucked. Now I have fresh lemon and orange juice on hand for cooking whenever I need it. My husband also uses the Qubies to freeze individual portions of home made pesto. Its the perfect size for one, if more than one person is eating just thrown in a Qubie for each person, makes last minute dinners a breeze. Thanks a bunch and good luck with the business, I tell as many mums as I can. ”

Bec, North Fitzroy VIC