Jessica, Port Macquarie NSW

So far so good!
I’m a new mum and wanted Qubies for saving a little expressed breastmilk as a back up and it’s doing wonderfully :)
I’m sure as my little girl grows up it will constantly help me with feeding her!
So glad facebook put up your page as a “suggested page” otherwise I would have never known about them.
Only thing I could suggest is a clip of sorts to attach the Qubies together when using more than one at a time. Other than that it’s perfect :)
Many thanks!

Jessica, Port Macquarie NSW

Andrea, Armadale Vic

I am very happy with my Qubies and think them to be an all-round excellent product. I bought 3 online and then went and purchased a further one. They are exactly as promised and are very convenient and easy to use. I have recommended them to friends who have also been pleased.

Andrea, Armadale  Vic

Amanda, North Haven SA

“I love the Qubies and wouldn’t be without them. They work really well and I don’t think you could improve on them. ”

Amanda, North Haven SA


Bronagh R, Gwelup WA

“Hey Alex, love your Qubies! They’re so easy to use. ”

Bronagh R, Gwelup WA


Kirsty H, Alfred Cove WA

“Qubies provides a great option for freezing and storing baby foods. I liked being able to pour food into a continuous container rather than having to fill ice cube trays spoonful by spoonful. Portion sizes are good and I found the Qubies seals remained sound regardless of the consistency of the contents. I really appreciated having a set of freezer containers dedicated to baby food preparation, removing the concern that my ice cube trays would become stained and future ice cubes may carry a taste. Qubies are also very easy to clean by hand. My bottle brush fits perfectly between each portion divider. ”

Kirsty H, Alfred Cove WA


Sharon C, Black Rock VIC

“I am a busy working mum trying to be organised and offer my bub home cooked meals. Qubies is a great way to store quality pre-prepared food in a convenient and easy to use way. Great product! ”

Sharon C, Black Rock VIC


Jenny, East Fremantle WA

“This was very easy. The MAX fill line is a great idea. Great for breast milk, anything where that 30ml size is used. Left over stock/pizza sauce/coconut milk etc. I would absolutely endorse such a product. It is the best ice cube tray I have used so far. ”

Jenny, East Fremantle WA


Zoe M, Hillarys WA

“Alex, we met at the Parents Expo, I bought 2 qubies and LOVE the product. I am returning to UK next week and want to take 2 for my friend who’s just had a baby. ”

Zoe M, Hillarys WA


Emma G, Mt Pleasant WA

“This product is a must for parents. It makes preparing freezing and storing baby food very simple. Ice block trays are just too small! It is difficult to remove the food! In addition to freezing baby food, I have also used Qubies to freeze lemon juice and lime juice. I have made ice blocks with fruit in to put into a punch or children’s drinks. Great idea Alex! ”

Emma G, Mt Pleasant WA


Terri W, Moulden NT

“Qubies are great. They are a real time saver in food preparation. Very impressed! ”

Terri W, Moulden NT