Five Awesome Autumn Superfoods For Your Family

IMG_5901Seasonal superfoods: good for your family’s health and well being – and kind on your grocery bills! We all know that shopping in season is a smart way to manage the cost of fresh fruit and veg, but if you know what to look for (and how to prepare it), you can be sure to choose the most nutritional items that will please the tastebuds of your entire family (babies included). Now that we’ve said “so-long” to summer and we’re staring down three months of autumnal fare, let’s take a look at the powerhouse produce on shelves this season. Read More

Five Fantastic Freezer Foods you getting the most out of your freezer? You’d be surprised at all the things you can keep in there – much more than leftover pasta sauce and baby purees. Here’s a rundown of foods you probably never considered freezing (but we bet you will now!) Read More

Understanding Bisphenol A (BPA): What’s All The Fuss About?

BPA_safe_plastic_canned_foods_lowres_31589494Plenty has been said in the media and social circles about the detriments of Bisphenol A (or BPA) in the plastic used to make things like baby bottles and food containers: it can cause health problems, and can leach into food from the containers themselves, leading to worries about the effects on both us and our kids. In 2010, the Australian Government started a voluntary phase-out of BPA in the manufacture of baby bottles, but there is no mandatory standard or ban for its use in other products, such as plastic containers and canned goods. However, there are things we can do to protect our families from sources of BPA. Here how. Read More

Five Everyday Superfoods For Babies & Toddlers

How-To-Make-Baby-Food-1By now you’ve probably heard of “superfoods” – everyday foods that are super good for our health. In recent times, we’ve been told that acai and goji berries, kale and chia are powerhouses that can improve our scores in the nutrition stakes. But did you know there are superfoods for babies and toddlers, too? Simple, yummy ingredients you can buy at the supermarket (or maybe you already do!) and add to your young child’s diet soon after he start eating solids. Here are five you might like to try. Read More

Easy Budgeting: Ideas To Save You Money In The Kitchen

Easy_Budgeting_Save_Money_In_The_KitchenThe household grocery bill is often one area we break the budget repeatedly: popping just a few extra things in the trolley can be enough to blow your weekly spending limit completely. Then there’s the food we throw out at the end of a meal, or when finally doing a fridge-and-pantry clean out – how is it possible to have half a dozen bottles of spices all out of date by three years?! Here are simple yet smart ways to start changing the way you plan, shop, cook, store and serve food, to help save you money.   Read More

The Best Drinks For Babies & Toddlers

Best-drinks-for-toddlers-qubies1So, your baby has started solids, which means it’s also time to look at what he’s drinking. Should you keep breast or bottle feeding – and when is it okay to stop? Should he be given a cup of water with dinner? And what’s the story with fruit juice? Here are the answers to some more common questions about the best drinks to give your baby or toddler. Read More

Family Favourite Fruit & Vegetables In Season Now: Summer

smoothies_berry_compIt can be hard to know what’s seasonal and what’s not these days – thanks to technology and imported produce, you can buy almost anything all year round. But buying seasonally can save you money and assure you the freshest and best-tasting produce for your family. Here’s a list of the fruit and vegetables in season during summer, and ideas for adding them to your recipe repertoire. Read More

6 Easy Freezer-Friendly Homemade Meal Ideas For Toddlers

pouch_in_freezer_comp - Copy - CopyGone are the days of rice cereal, purees and mashes. Enter: toddler meals! It can be a relief to leave behind the hours spent steaming and processing fruits and vegetables for your little one. Instead, your child can join in with many family meals with little fuss. But just like all of us, finding the time and inspiration to cook up a family feast night after night can be a challenge. Here are great ideas for toddler-friendly food you can cook up in double or triple batches, and freeze in single or family-size portions. These are perfect for those evenings you’re just too tired to cook, or times when you’d like to enjoy something spicy or unsuitable for little hands and tummies, and need an alternative toddler meal to serve up instead. Read More

Smart Ideas For Feeding Fussy Babies & Toddlers

Is there anything more discouraging than slaving away over a hot stove, preparing a delicious meal (or multiple meals!) for your baby or toddler, only to have her take one taste and let you know, in no uncertain terms, that yuck! You’ve wasted your time, energy and money, because it seems your little darling is harder to impress than a MasterChef judge.

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All About Baby Food Allergies

While introducing solids is an exciting step in your baby’s development, there are good reasons to think sensibly before rushing into starting new foods. Baby food allergies can present in any child, so here are some things to think about.

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